be Berlin - the capital campaign

A City as a Brand

be Berlin – sei Berlin: The Capital Campaign has been promoting the dynamic metropolis since 2008 with this simple, yet expressive claim.

Numerous events and campaign initiatives at home and abroad highlight the special diversity of Berlin. They make the city’s very special attitude toward life something that people around the world can experience in an authentic way.

be Berlin – but that also means: At the heart of the Capital Campaign are the approximately 3.7 million Berliners who live, work, and make their dreams come true in the city. According to a recent study by infratest dimap, the majority (almost 80 percent) of the approximately 3.7 million inhabitants identify with Berlin to a high degree. People from 190 nations make their home here: be Berlin expresses this with countless stories, photos, posts, tweets, and videos.   

be Berlin – today, almost ten years after the launch of the campaign, that is a whole city as a brand. A brand that is constantly growing and changing with this unique city. Lively, diverse, full of possibilities.  

The be Berlin Capital Campaign is implemented by Berlin Partner on behalf of the State of Berlin.

With the hashtag #FreiheitBerlinbe Berlin is taking the initiative and setting an example for freedom.