Unusually passive, Grant sits in his chair, staring into the void. Otherwise, he looks like a normal person. But that is deceptive. As an ideal employee of an advertising agency, he has special qualities. For example, he has an extra thick skin, a backbone that can be removed at customer meetings, an extra liver to process all the alcohol, and ears that automatically filter out conflicting voices. Grant, of course, is not a flesh-and-blood person but the protagonist of an online film from the Melbourne Advertising and Design Club (MADC)  in which the advertising industry currently parodies itself. Outsiders have known that the lives of advertisers are rather exciting and varied, but also damned stressful and not just since the TV series “Mad Men,” either.

Nevertheless, many young people are still attracted to the industry. This is especially true for Berlin. “The Berlin agency landscape is one of the most creative in Germany. No other agency landscape has developed so rapidly in recent years,” says Ramona Pop, Berlin’s Senator for Economics. There are now more than 4,200 advertising companies in the city  with around 25,000 employees. And, like many other companies, they are constantly looking for additional talent: both for beginners as well as for experienced “high potential.” For example, Stefanie Rümmler of Scholz & Friends Berlin reports, “The competition for employees is great among us agencies. “There are a lot of applicants in the creative sector. But only a few that are really good or right for us. People have to adapt to us. At Scholz & Friends things are more informal.”

Stefanie Rümmler works in the department "People & Culture" of the renowned agency and is responsible for the recruitment of new employees. This afternoon she is standing at a small booth in the rooms of the TAK Theater in the Aufbau-Haus on Kreuzberger Moritzplatz. For the first time, the career fair adday / adnight takes place, to which eleven Berlin communication agencies have invited. Around 400 students, students and freelancers have gathered. The atmosphere is inviting and cozy. The agencies - BBDO, DDB, familie redlich, fischer Appelt, MetaDesign, Saatchi & Saatchi Pro, Scholz & Friends, TLGG, ressourcenmangel, Serviceplan and Zum Goldenen Hirschen - present themselves in dim lighting. Relaxed at stands with folding tables and camping chairs. In between colorful balloons, toy figures and signs with brisk slogans. In the next room there are lectures. But speed recruiting is also open to the young participants. Agencies and applicants can get a sneak peek at the Tinder time - quite up to date.

Photos: Berlin Partner/vdo

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