Freedom has many faces.

With the huge #FREIHEITBERLIN art installation Berlin got a temporary monument for freedom – designed by the renowned GRAFT architects and with contributions from international as well as Berlin-based creatives. Together with the creators of “The Haus”, the Berlin Art Bang, we called on street artists, designers, illustrators, and artists from all over the world as well as creative Berliners to submit their design proposals for the design of a letter.



On the occasion of the #FreiheitBerlin art installation on Washingtonplatz we called for a Photo Challenge from May to August 2018:You love freedom and live it as much as Berlin does? Become part of the be Berlin “Freedom Campaign”! Take part and share your picture of you and/or your friends in front of the installation at Washingtonplatz and/or share your #FreiheitsBerlin moment with us. 

The winning pictures are becoming part of the freedom campaign: 
The most beautiful and creative pictures will be on display in Berlin's cityscape from November 2018.

From around 29,000 submissions on Instagram and EyeEm 11 freedom momentes were chosen. In addition, Giulia and Felix have won  a unique weekend of freedom!

Many thanks fort he great submissions and congratulations to the winners:



    Every letter a statement

    # by DIE DIXONS

    A gigantic piece of raw steak cut by a knife. This mural located at Bernauer Strasse commemorates the construction of the Berlin Wall in 1961 which literally carved up the city and destroyed freedom.



    The patterns in tape symbolize the individual lifestyles and paths of the people in our city. They move freely and inexorably in every direction imaginable, add layers, create new spaces, and form an exciting work of art: Berlin.

    "R" by GOGOPLATA


    'Freedom is always the freedom of dissenters.' Rosa Luxemburg, 1918

    "E" by CASE MCLAIM


    The meaning of freedom of speech is illustrated through sign language.

    "I" by EL BOCHO


    Can the bird be considered free or not? The woman is carrying it on her shoulder, the girl is holding the key. Both look directly at the viewer as if challenging him to decide.

    "H" by Notes of Berlin


    Berliners love posting notes in the public cityscape! They use their city as a platform to communicate freely. The "Notes of Berlin" shown here give a deep insight into the soul of the German capital. Everyone can participate and submit their own discoveries:  

    "E" by AKTEONE & CREN


    A crack in the wall to freedom. The depth of the crack is visible through 3D glasses.

    "I" by Amigo


    Music and emotions flow through the body when we dance and movement is an expression of freedom. Moments like these are represented here in calligraphy.

    "T" by Daniela Uhlig & STEROHEAT

    'Think what you want. Look how you want. Love who you want. ' Michael Michalsky, 2017


    'Project me from what I want.' Jenny Holzer, 1982

    "B" by Emma von Helden mit Evangelischer Kirchenkreis Tempelhof-Schöneberg


    The reflecting mirrors show Berlin as a place with real religious freedom. The city is home to 250 different faith- and values-based communities.

    "E" by MARCUS HAAS


    Freedom cannot be taken for granted. It's worth fighting for. The care packages dropped by the Western Allies during the Berlin Airlift 70 years ago remind us of that.



    "This is slavery, not to speak one's thought," Greek poet Euripides once said. The children are using this quotation to express their longing to be believe and express themselves freely.

    "L" by Türkhan Emrah Tümer


    Creative individuals have come together in harmony in a very confined space and respect the freedom of others.

    "I" by Ana Torralba Loyo


    Berlin is home to free thinkers who think outside of the box. The city's freedom is reflected in abandoned rooms and graffiti.

    "N" by Ekaterina Koroleva


    Berlin as a pulsating, endless playground. A free space to discover and experience new things: people, art, music, and places. Everyone’s writing their own little Berlin story in their minds.


    Photo Credit: Berlin Partner/ photothek - Photograf: Marco Leitmann