Berlin Master Chefs 

Berlin Partner for Business and Technology has been awarding the title of "Masterchef" to the Berlin-Brandenburg capital region’s most outstanding culinary experts on an annual basis since 1997. 

The 2018 Award was presented at a festive gala dinner at the Vollgutlager Berlin. 

By honoring Berlin's Masterchefs, Berlin Partner has positioned the German capital's haute cuisine as an important locational factor and an advertisement for the city.

Freedom is joy with all senses.

The winners from Berlin in six categories:


Berlin's Master Chef 2018


Newcomer of the Year 2018


Best Berlin Host 2018


Most Fashionable Berlin Restaurant 2018


Berliner Kiezmeister 2018


Culinary Innovator 2018



Introduction of the 2018 Berlin Master Chefs, with Dr. Stefan Elfenbein (Jury chairman) and Dr. Stefan Franzke (CEO Berlin Partner) © Berlin Partner | Peter-Paul Weiler
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The Berlin Menu of the “Best of the Best”

Berlin Partner is honoring the best of the best in the kitchen, scene, and hospitality and showing Berlin’s culinary development as a place for haute cuisine as well as for trends and innovations in national and international cuisine. The award winners present their skills at a gala dinner every year and serve their Berlin menu to the 400 invited guests. 



Impressions of the Berlin Master Chefs Gala 2018

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