Highlights from the Berlin industry campaign


In the fall of 2010, the Berlin industry campaign was launched within the framework of the "Berlin City of Industry 2010-2020 Master Plan.” Since then, the campaign has drawn attention to the incredible innovative strength of the industrial location of Berlin and its imaginative players with numerous campaigns and events in Germany and abroad. 

2018/ Made in Berlin meets KaDeWe

Berlin innovation – unusally presented

KaDeWe is a landmark of Berlin. Famous is the largest department store in the city, among other things, for its unusual window decorations. In August 2018, the shop windows along the front of the building at Tauentzienstraße presented a very special exhibition: As part of the industry campaign #Berlinproduziert. digital inspiriert (Made in Berlin. Digitally inspired), ten Berlin-based industrial companies were staged out of the ordinary by artists of the association Berlin Art Bang.

2018/ Launch Made in Berlin. Digitally inspired.

The new industry campaign shows the creativity and innovative capacity of Berlin's industry in times of digital transformation

Together with 27 producing and researching companies based in Berlin, the campaign "#Berlinproduziert" (Made in Berlin) shows in versatile motives the high innovative strength of the Berlin industry, which results from the typical Berlin combination of know-how, inventiveness and a lively high-tech start-up scene.

The campaign images, with which the new industrial campaign has been presented in the city since April 2018, were developed in close cooperation with the Berlin artist Martin Roller. They show art objects, which combine product elements of the partner companies with forward-looking symbols in an unusual way.

2016/ Exhibition „Start-up meets Grown-up“

Established Industry x Startup Spirit + Quality of Life = Innovation.

The 2016 industry campaign got to the bottom of this formula for success of Berlin’s industry as part of the exhibition “Startup meets Grown-up” on tour. In an interactive creative lab, visitors were able to see Berlin’s spirit of innovation for themselves in various experiments. After all, when 15 major Berlin-based companies with dynamic founders from the capital get together, that’s when things get really interesting and the ideas start flowing. In 2016, “Start-up meets Grown-up” hit the road with the be Berlin pop-up lab and playfully entertained crowds at home and abroad with the high degree of innovative power of Berlin’s industry.

2015-16/Exhibiton"Berlin findet Stadt“

What happens when the creative potential of design students meets the world of Berlin’s industry?

This exciting question was the starting point of the unusual "Industry finds a city" exhibition. For the project, students and apprentices from the design akademie berlin, SRH Hochschule für Kommunikation und Design, the Hochschule für Wirtschaft und Technik (HTW), and the Zentrum für fotografische Ausbildung (zffa) visited the production sites of various Berlin industrial companies for inspiration. The resulting photographs, films, and virtual works were presented in the foyer of the Ludwig Erhard Haus and in the Berlin City Hall. Students from the set design and scenic space course of study at the TU Berlin staged the exhibition.


2015/ Short-Movies „#berlindustrie rocks“

Innovations often arise in industry at the interface between creativity and technical development

This is especially typical of Berlin's industry, which is characterized by a unique environment of creatives, founders, and scientists. The industry campaign expressed the creative potential of this symbiosis in 2015 with the short film series #berlindustrie rocks in 15 animated short films. The individual spots were each dedicated to one of the partner companies in the industry campaign and distributed via social media channels. The spots were musically highlighted by remixes, which were the result of a collaboration with Universal Music, among others. 

2013–2016/ Industrieblog „Berlindustrie.de“

Berlin’s industry is full of surprises and exciting stories

And it is extremely diverse. The industry blog, Berlindustrie.de, launched in 2013 with a small editorial team, brought this to light. With reports, interviews, photos, and videos, it showed the many different sides of the industrial center. It reported from the small Kreuzberg engineering plant as well as from the laboratories of the future of global companies. The heart of the format was the section “I am a …,” in which employees of Berlin industrial companies shared a day in the life of their job using words and pictures.

2010/ Exhibition „ich bin ein berliner“

In the beginning there was “ich bin ein berliner”

The industry campaign got started in late 2010 with an open-air exhibition on the Potsdamer Platz. Approximately two-meter-high stands point out innovative products "Made in Berlin" in a highly abstract design with the famous Kennedy quote as slogan. A total of 13 partner companies were actively involved in the campaign launch. These include global players such as Bombardier, Bayer and Siemens, but also strong medium-sized companies such as Jonas & Redmann and Berlin’s Seilfabrik. The exhibition was enthusiastically received by visitors from all over the world. The colorful icons were popular photographs. At the same time, they provided information in an unusual way about the industrial center Berlin, its successful protagonists, and their roots in the city. 

Absatz Industrie findet Stadt“

Photo top: © Laura Peter, HTW Berlin – Studiengang Kommunikationsdesign
Photo down: ©Louise Seidenstücker, design akademie berlin – SRH Hochschule für Kommunikation und Design