#FreiheitBerlin Photo Challenge

On the occasion of the #FreiheitBerlin art installation on Washingtonplatz we called for a Photo Challenge from May to August 2018: You love freedom and live it as much as Berlin does? Become part of the be Berlin “Freedom Campaign”! Take part and share your picture of you and/or your friends in front of the installation at Washingtonplatz and/or share your #FreiheitsBerlin moment with us. 

The winning pictures became part of the freedom campaign: 
The most beautiful and creative pictures have been on display in Berlin's cityscape in November 2018.

From around 29,000 submissions on Instagram and EyeEm 11 freedom moments were chosen. In addition, Giulia and Felix have won a unique weekend of freedom!

Many thanks for the great submissions and congratulations to the winners: