Mona Lisa for Europe

For Berlin as the city of freedom, the European idea of ​​freedom, democracy and human rights has a special significance. When the Berlin Wall fell almost 30 years ago, the way to European unification was cleared.

From 23 to 26 May 2019, the citizens of the European Union will vote for the ninth time in the European Parliament. A central event that focuses on the idea of ​​freedom, tolerance and community. Berlin is therefore entering into a dialogue on freedom and sets an example for a united Europe with #FreiheitBerlin for Europe. The campaign kicked off in March with food for thought on Europe. The world-famous Mona Lisa - a symbol of European cultural history - was a guest in Berlin. Directly at the East Side Gallery, the oversized Mona Lisa looked out from a house facade on Berlin and drew attention to Europe. After 516 years she left her landscape by the water and went on a trip to Europe. On Instagram she reportet about her tour, the different stations and her European experiences.

Beginning of May, Mona Lisa returned to Berlin and draws attention to the European Elections on May 26, 2019. Her finale station is at Stresemannstraße 15. It's well worth a visit!